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About Peggy Bell

Peggy is the owner of Live Your Purpose, which houses several aspects of her business. She an event speaker, program founder/creator, international bestselling author, coach, and educator. Peggy has a deep two-fold passion. The first is wanting others to know it is never too late to go after your dreams. She is an example of having done just that. Peggy believes everyone deserves to live a happy life being true to who you really are and discovering your gifts. When you become unstoppable, you become the best version of yourself, and in turn, the best version to others at home and at work. She wants you to stop living life with regrets. Peggy coaches women through an effective woman-centered approach, different from traditional coaching.    

Since retiring from a forty year teaching career, Peggy continues to teach through seminars, workshops and multi-week programs.

A recent addition to her business is a program for girls she created called, The Grit and Grace Program for Girls (see individual page for more details.) It's what she and so many other women wish they had been taught at this age.  Her group coaching program for women, Unleashed, is to be released in mid 2024.

Peggy is dedicated to helping females from girlhood to womanhood understand their worth, discover their gifts, and have the strategies to cope with the hard days. She wants them to realize how much life has to offer and how much they have to offer the world.

One of Peggy's favorite quotes is by Pablo Picasso. "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." She believes we all have gifts and need to share them with others. Not doing so is a disservice to those who would benefit as well as a disservice to ourselves.


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The Grit and Grace Program For Girls

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Peggy Bell

“Because of Peggy's education, training, faith, work experience, and life experience, she is completely and wholly equipped to discuss life issues with wisdom, understanding, and compassion. She offers up sound advice and tips to aid those who might be struggling or need a fresh perspective. And recommend her highly! ”

Peggy Bell

“Peggy is absolutely on point.....she talks from experience and her advice is helpful and insightful. She has a big heart and a kind and gentle soul. She knows her stuff and is more than willing to help everyone and anyone who needs her to be there for them thru their journey.”

Peggy Bell

“I am speechless. You’ve done it again. WOW! Your ability to provide useful information in a timely manner that is easy to grasp and understand is unbelievable! You never preach, never belittle, and you never shame. You always share, encourage, and uplift. You instill confidence with your words, and with your life story. ”