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The Grit and Grace Program for Girls

Girls, now more than ever, face tough issues in their lives. For many, it begins at a young age. It is important for them to have the life knowledge and skills to better handle these challenges. It is also important that girls know how to maintain positive mental health.

So many schools don't take/have the time to teach these much needed skills and so many of our young girls go through life feeling depressed and less than their peers. Their confidence level, their thoughts, and their overall self worth are suffering. Many times they give in to negative peer pressure just to fit in, or they become a target in the eyes of a bully. 

For this reason I developed The Grit and Grace Program For Girls. It's a 6 week program for girls, 9-15, working to improve positive mindset, self-esteem, confidence, and so much more. They discover their grit, while doing it with grace. 

This can be adapted for Christian or secular settings depending on the need. 

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Behind the smiles, they were saying they were sad to see the program end. Honestly, so was I!

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Girls build friendships, get support and encouragement, and learn life skills while having fun!  

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