Peggy Bell is happy to connect with you to speak at your event, your place of business, Girl's Night Out, and more. Her topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Be the Beacon of Light in an Ever-Changing World (leadership training for emotional well-being of workplace employees)
  2. Stuck to Unstoppable: Recharging Your Inner Life Battery (business / professional development  but can also be customized with emphasis on personal growth/ development)   
  4. The BELL Approach (signature coaching program) 

Peggy can adapt the presentation to fit your needs, whether it be for a workplace, women's/couples night out, the education field, or a faith based group. Contact her for more information. 


Below is a sampling of "Tiny Tidbits" Peggy shared on social media. 

"Tiny Tidbits" shared on social media.

"Tiny Tidbits" shared on social media

  • Peggy Bell

    “"Important information for leaders in a post pandemic world."”

  • Peggy Bell

    “Peggy is a refreshing speaker aware of the modern issues we face today." ”

  • Peggy Bell

    “"I loved the presentation."”